The origins of our law firm date back to 1863, when it was founded by the Lawyer Don Luis Domínguez y Salazar who managed to create a business-oriented firm with an eminently practical focus at that time, where the Law went hand in hand with social reality and the management of its businesses and finance, with the highest degree of commitment.

In 1924, another lawyer, Don Gonzalo Domínguez Martínez, inherited the firm and offered clients, companies and their managers advisory services and professional guidance for the management of their businesses and finance, also with the highest degree of commitment.
This innovative character soon became apparent when the law firm, began to publish its own newspaper,"El Ideal" .

A number of changes have taken place since then, but client relationships based on trust, professionalism and the vocation of our lawyers, along with the responsible nature and quality of the services we provide, are permanent values of utmost importance for INSESA & ABOGADOS. We have remained true at all times to these values in our quest for business excellence for our clients.

In 1987, the Firm changed its name and logo to INSESA & ABOGADOS after a substantial number of new professionals joined us, enabling us to cover a broad spectrum of specialities in all areas of Law and in all aspects of our professional work. Especially important in this process was the arrival of two leading experts in Insolvency Law, Inocencio Carazo González and Gonzalo Domínguez Ruiz, under whose co-management the most relevant insolvency and business restructuring cases were handled, both national and internationally. This dedication and professional commitment has been expressly acknowledged by:

  1. THE GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE SPANISH LEGAL PROFESSION;which, in 2004, entrusted to lawyers of our firm, Inocencio Carazo González and Gonzalo Domínguez Ruiz, the papers and conferences offered to representatives of all Spanish Bar Associations, with regard to the training of Insolvency Administrators.
  2. CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS FINANCIEROS [FINANCIAL STUDIES CENTRE] OF MADRID; which, in the CEF Magazine - year XI, number 43, September 2005 -, ranked the INSESA & ABOGADOS law firm not only as a law firm with top specialists, but also as one of the leading Spanish law firms in insolvency matters.

At the same time, the Firm entered into permanent collaboration agreements with law firms headquartered in the principal cities of Spain, as well as in Europe and the rest of the world, through its membership of the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF LAWYERS.

The INSESA & ABOGADOS, Law Firm provides its integral services with professionalism and total commitment to our clients; accordingly, we would like you to regard these pages as more than just a presentation: rather as a small sample of our service philosophy.

  • Commitment to Clients
    Our Firm provides its services with the aim of offering the highest possible levels of professionalism, quality and immediacy. This forms the basis of our total commitment to clients and their interests. Accordingly, all our clients receive personalised attention and their affairs are supervised by at least one partner of the Firm.
  • Integral Service
    Our service vocation requires combining our legal advisory services with knowledge of the problems and circumstances prevailing in the local framework in which we work. We understand legal practice not only as a professional approach to the solution of problems, but also as the provision of services that enable our clients to forecast and perform their business with the guarantees of legal certainty, efficacy and profitability. With this in mind, we offer a follow-up of legislative and pre-legislative activity that may refer to economic sectors of interest to our clients.
  • Preparation and Team Work
    We pay special attention to the ongoing training of our professionals so that we can respond adequately at all times to the needs of our clients. Many of these lecture at and/or contribute to public and private Universities and other learning fora on a regular basis. At the same time, the departments of our Firm's different legal areas do not operate as separate, closed divisions, but collaborate and interact with one another, and therefore have to work as a team in order to have an overall view of the different issues that a client may raise.

Accordingly, INSESA & ABOGADOS is structured as an independent Business Services group, run by its team of professionals.

The key word in the INSESA & ABOGADOS work philosophy is collaboration. We know that the best results can only be obtained through work well done. Which is why we demand the highest level of engagement with each client.

To understand each case in depth, to make clear and objective analyses at all times, and to offer integral and creative solutions to each problem, our sole option lies in professionalism and personal commitment.

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