Gonzalo Domínguez Ruiz

A founder-partner of the firm, with broad experience in commercial litigation in general, specialised in advisory services on shareholding disputes, severance and exclusion of shareholders, litigation deriving from corporate transfers, D&O liability, challenge of corporate resolutions, intra-company settlements and arbitration.

His professional kudos encompasses a broad spectrum of Business Law issues, and his professional intervention in corporate restructuring is worthy of mention, in which he offers advice and assumes the legal management of large Spanish companies in insolvency proceedings.

Academic Qualifications:

  • A Master of Law from the Madrid Autonomous University, with distinction, inter alia, in civil and business Law, in all academic years.

Other professional information:

  • Worth mentioning is his high degree of specialisation in Civil and Business Law as a consequence of his post-graduate training for competitive examinations for admission to the corps of Notaries and Property Registrars.
  • Master Degree in Legal Praxis and Procedures from the Centro de Estudios Financieros [Financial Studies Centre] in Madrid.
  • Diploma in Real Estate and Town Planning Law, coming 2nd in the 6th Course, from the Escuela de Práctica Jurídica [School of Legal Praxis] of the Madrid Complutense University.
  • Diploma in Insolvency Law from the Centro de Estudios e Investigación [Studies and Research Centre] of the Madrid Bar Association. Years 2000 (1st diploma); 2003 (2nd diploma); and 2004 (3rd diploma).
  • He took part in several courses and seminars on subjects such as “Spanish Constitutionalism” [1983-1984]; “Ecological Crime” [1995]; “The New Urban Leasing Act” [1995]; “The Oral Hearing in Abbreviated Proceedings” [1995]; “The Jury Act” [1996]; “The New Criminal Code” [1996]; “The New Civil Procedure Act” [2000]; ...
  • His idea of law as a science, along with his teaching vocation, led him to take Doctorate Courses in Law at the European University of Madrid.
  • Professor of Insolvency Law at the Centro de Estudios Financieros in Madrid. (2003-2004)
  • Professor and Speaker by the General Council of the Spanish Legal Profession at courses imparted for all Bar Associations in Spain on “The Training of Lawyers as Insolvency Administrators”. (2004)
  • Speaker at diverse Congresses and Seminars organised on the New Insolvency Act
  • Founder-Partner, Head Lawyer and Manager of “Insesa & Abogados” and “Instituto de Asesoramiento Empresarial”.

Professional Entities and Associations of which he is a member:

  • Madrid Bar Association .
  • Toledo Bar Association .
  • Cuenca Bar Association.
  • European Association of Lawyers

Inocencio Carazo González

Specialised in the management of complex transactions: in particular, mergers and acquisitions, alliances and associations, financial restructuring and corporate group reorganisation. He is a board member of various companies, which he advises permanently on the adoption of strategic decisions, providing his knowledge in the area of legal and tax advisory services, as well as his vast business experience.

Academic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Economics from the Madrid Complutense University.
  • Account Auditor.

Other professional information:

  • Professor of Insolvency Law at the Centro de Estudios Financieros.
  • Professor and Speaker of the General Council for the Spanish Legal Profession at the training course for Lawyers as Insolvency Administrators (2004).
  • Professor of Accounting and Auditing at the Centro de Estudios Financieros.
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the CEF Accountancy Magazine.
  • Partner-Manager of “Carazo Auditores”.
  • Founder-partner of “Insesa & Abogados”.

Among other publications, he is the co-author of the following works: "Plan General de Contabilidad. Comentarios y Casos Prácticos"; "La empresa ante el euro"; "Tratamiento fiscal, contable y laboral de las dietas y gastos de viaje"; he is also a guest speaker and participant at diverse Congresses and Seminars on issues relative to Insolvency Law, Company Receivership and Administration.

On many occasions, his knowledge in the area of corporate restructuring led to his judicial appointment as Controller and/or Administrator of large national and multination companies, enabling him to gain hands-on experience of Spanish and European economic development.